The dual mottos of quality and consistent customer satisfaction at Super Knit are achieved through meticulous quality control mechanisms and constant innovation. The core teams explore customer requirements and examine all enquiries while carrying out research to develop new products.

The design and innovation teams create socks for women, men, children and newborns in combed cotton, mercerized cotton and wool in a variety of designs, lengths and sizes. The broad categories of socks manufactured are as follows:
Mercerized Cotton & Seamless Toe Design
Apart from premium quality combed cotton and woolen socks, Super Knit Industries specializes in 200 needles fine gauge, 100% gassed mercerized cotton socks as required in the high quality conscious export markets. Mercerized cotton is made with the finest cotton yarn of high staple, which is put through a highly specialized process to produce stronger, smoother and shinier cotton. The product lines made with mercerized cotton are immensely popular in Europe and the Middle East.

Another key factor in the design innovation and development of socks is the seamless toe. The seamless toe prevents socks from bulging and creasing at the toes. The seamless toe design lends extreme comfort and a smooth finish to socks.